Create calendars from any standard or custom object. Schedule appointments, manage marketing campaigns, plan projects and more with the most customizable calendar app for Salesforce.

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CalendarAnything Features

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All New Gantt View

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Gantt view is the perfect way to manage marketing campaigns, project plans and schedules over an extended time period.  Create and move items right on the Gantt view and change the Salesforce records behind the scenes.  Zoom in and out by showing data by day, week month or quarter.  Display 3 months, one year, or data from all time.  Dynamic grouping lets you regroup data in real time by status, by type, by assigned to and other fields, allowing for powerful planning and reporting. 

Calendar Anything Use Cases

Scheduling & Resource Planning

Display individual calendars in different colors, show together in functional groups.

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Schedulers can add and edit events and custom appointment records right on the familiar and intuitive calendar interface.

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